1. Lofi Toons - Vinyl - Prod. By L.Dre
  2. Lofi Toons - Vinyl - Prod. By L.Dre
  3. Lofi Toons - Vinyl - Prod. By L.Dre

Lofi Toons - Vinyl

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Kick back, relax and mellow out to the nostalgia-dripped sounds of your favorite cartoon themes. Lofi Toons is L.Dre’s first compilation album on vinyl! It contains a slick selection of luscious lo-fi tunes guaranteed to bring memories back once thought long gone.

The aim of the compilation is to bring you back to that happy place you were in as a child — sat up in the morning watching your favorite cartoon shows, eating a bowl of cereal. From Steven Universe and Avatar The Last Airbender, all the way to Gravity Falls, the tracks delve deep into much-loved cartoons and recreates them with a fresh, modern lofi flair.

Songs from the compilation have been well received with the track “Steven Universe” even hitting over a million videos on Tik Tok alone. The chill anthems are the perfect soundtrack for a range of settings, with many listeners noting how it helped them sleep or even made them cry.