Making Spotify-Ready Lofi Beats

Making Spotify-Ready Lofi Beats with L.Dre (1-Hour Masterclass) - Prod. By L.Dre
Making Spotify-Ready Lofi Beats with L.Dre (1-Hour Masterclass) - Prod. By L.Dre

Making Spotify-Ready Lofi Beats with L.Dre (1-Hour Masterclass)


Dive into the weeds of lofi hip hop production with L.Dre in this hour long pre-recorded masterclass perfect for beginner and intermediate producers alike.


L.Dre has amassed hundreds of millions of streams on his music and is now sharing his exact production, mixing, and mastering methods and tips that helped establish himself as one of the genre's top producers. 


With your purchase you will receive:


- The hour long masterclass recording (with timestamps + outline)

- Companion PDFs outlining L.Dre's essential plugins and sample packs

- The project file and stems of the beat created during the class

- A free copy of the "Study Break Lofi Drum Kit" (for a limited time)

Learn from L.Dre's proven production process

Get a glimpse into the exact workflow, tools, and methods L.Dre uses as he shares his tips for composition, arrangment, mixing, mastering, and more to create playlist-ready beats.

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Years of knowledge packed into 1 hour

Learn from L.Dre's many years of experience as he shares the most crucial music production skills that have led to him amassing hundreds of millions of streams on his music.

What Your Purchase Includes

1-Hour Masterclass

The main video file with timestamps and an outline included

Companion PDFs

Get lists of L.Dre's essential plugins and sample packs

Project Files + Stems

Analyze and learn from the project L.Dre creates during the class

Free Lofi Drum Kit

Get the brand new "Study Break" Lofi Drum Kit (limited time only)

Study Break Lofi Drum Kit
(Included free for a limited time)


The Study Break Lofi Drum Kit is a brand new pack that features chill and dusty one shots and loops that will fit perfectly into your mellow beats.

The pack includes:

- 20 Snare/Clap One Shots
- 10 Kick One Shots
- 12 Hi Hat One Shots
- 9 Open Hat One Shots
- 22 Perc One Shots
- 10 FX/Riser One Shots
- 7 Bass One Shots
- 6 Instrument One Shots
- 5 Drum Loops (with Stems)
- 5 Hi-Hat MIDI Loops
- 5 Percussion Loops
- 6 Ambient Textures

Lofi Masterclass Outline + Timestamps

00:00:00 - Introduction and Overview of the Course
00:00:28 - L.Dre’s Story and Background
00:01:46 - Part 1: Setting the Foundation and Understanding the Lofi Genre
00:02:12 - Analyzing the Most Popular Lofi Beats
00:04:30 - Selecting Your Production Tools (DAWs, Hardware, Plugins)
00:07:56 - Part 2: Beat Composition and Arrangement
00:08:10 - All About Drums: The 3 S’s
00:11:09 - Building a Drum Groove in Your DAW
00:13:44 - Simplicity in Your Drum Grooves
00:15:49 - Chord Progressions and Melodies
00:16:45 - Creating a Chord Progression from Scratch
00:21:40 - Sampling Overview
00:24:42 - Different Ways to Use Samples (+ Real Examples)
00:28:38 - Crafting Bass Lines
00:34:48 - Creating Atmosphere/Texture Using Foley and Ambience
00:38:20 - Finishing Up Your Melodic Elements
00:43:13 - Arranging Your Beats to Keep Listeners Interested
00:46:48 - Part 3: Mixing and Mastering
00:47:11 - Project Organization and Levels
00:51:24 - Sidechain Compression and EQ
00:54:00 - Mastering Your Beats
00:55:38 - Breaking Down My Mastering Chain
00:59:57 - Conclusion and Recap
01:00:54 - Some Optional Homework

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