1. Lofi Champloo - Vinyl [Pre-Order] - Prod. By L.Dre
  2. Lofi Champloo - Vinyl [Pre-Order] - Prod. By L.Dre

Lofi Champloo - Vinyl [Pre-Order]

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Step into the world of "Lofi Champloo," where the chill vibes of lofi hip hop blend seamlessly with the timeless essence of boom bap. Inspired by the legendary J Dilla and Nujabes, producer L.Dre delivers a mesmerizing journey through soulful melodies and head-nodding rhythms.

Five singles from the album have already been released, offering a taste of what's to come such as "L Dee" & "Yeah". But why wait? Pre-order now to experience the full album before everyone else. Dive into the tranquil vibes and raw energy that define "Lofi Champloo."

As a bonus, when you pre-order, you'll gain early access to the complete digital album. The rest of the tracks will be released over the coming weeks, but you'll have the entire album at your fingertips as soon as the pre-order window closes.


  • Pre-Order Window Ends - April 12th
  • Estimated Shipment - June 2024
  • Artwork + Tracklist subject to change
  • Full Digital Album Release - TBA


"Champloo" is a term derived from the Okinawan word "chanpuru," which means "to mix" or "to blend." It originated in Okinawa, Japan, where it refers to a dish that combines various ingredients, typically stir-fried together. In a broader sense, "champloo" has come to signify a mixture or blend of elements, often used colloquially to describe a fusion or amalgamation of different styles, cultures, or ideas.