1. L.Dre Bonita Sample Pack - Prod. By L.Dre
  2. L.Dre Bonita Sample Pack - Prod. By L.Dre

L.Dre Bonita Sample Pack

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The L.Dre Bonita Sample Pack is a meticulously crafted collection of the finest chill hop sounds and all the beat-building elements you’d ever need.

This pack is a culmination of all my years of production and sound design experience and perfectly captures that chill lofi boom bap sound that I love so much. After getting kinda tired of my “go-to” sounds that I’ve been using for years, I took a trip out to the Bonita neighborhood of San Diego to put myself in a new creative space with the intention of creating a ton of fresh new drum sounds and melodics that I can see myself and others using for years to come.

And thus, the L.Dre Bonita Sample Pack was born - more than 180 expertly crafted and processed one shots and loops that will instantly add more punch, groove, and overall sauce to your productions.

The L.Dre Bonita Sample Pack includes:

- 15 Snares
- 15 Kicks
- 15 Hi Hats
- 20 Percs
- 15 FX
- 15 Full Drum Loops (w/ Stems Included)
- 10 Melody Loops (w/ Stems Included)
- 66 Melodic One Shots (Single Notes, Chords, & Chord MIDI)
- 10 Atmospheres / Textures
- BONUS: The full track + stems for my song “Bonita” with CMJ

The L.Dre Bonita Deluxe w/ Expansion Pack includes:

- The full Standard L.Dre Bonita Sample Pack, plus…
- 20 Drum One Shots (Snares, Kicks, Hi-Hats, Percs)
- 10 Full Drum Loops (with Stems)
- 10 Perc Loops
- 5 Full Melody Loops (with Stems)

That’s over 225 dope new sounds (1.8 GB) to add to your producer toolkit 🥁🎹🎸

PS: You can even watch some behind the scenes footage of the making of this pack HERE